EU-009 Orkney

26th July 2005: MM0LON/m only

This was just an one day visit on the 26th July 2005 to Orkney. We arrived with the ferry from Scotland around 09:30 UTC and left the Island by 21:00 UTC. The main goal was to visit as many important historic sites as possible. Between our short rides I always switched on my TRX.


Stones of Stenness



No lighthouses were activated on these islands.

In total it had been 274 QSOs from EU-012
The main activity was on OR-07 (Orkney Mainland). In the evening we had plenty of time before our ferry left to Shetland, so we activated OR-05 and OR-14. Both islands were connected to Orkeny Mainland through a bridge.

QSO Statistic for IOSA:
OR-05:  60
OR-07: 140
OR-14:  74

Ant: Outbacker Perth
TRX: TS-480
PWR: 50-80w