MD0LON 2006

Isle Of Man FlagThe call MD0LON will be used the first time around the WAE SSB 2006 from the Isle Of Man, EU-116.

After getting the Call MM0LON assigned in 2005 and used for our summer holiday trip to Scotland and Shetland, it is now the first time I changed the regional locator. MD0LON will be used the first time from the 7th September 2006 to 11th September 2006 from the station GD6IA on EU-116.

To visit Isle Of Man was a short-dated decision. At the Ham Radio 2006 we listened to the presentation of the WAE 2005 Scores. It was noted, that some WAE-countries were not active during the last years. If a country will be activated for a WAE, they will archiv a special diploma.

Douglas Beach FrontI just made a joke that we might use our UK Calls and make an activation of GD. So I imideately got in contakt with GD6IA and now we will be QRV for the WAE-SSB 2006 from the GD6IA location.

Operators are:
MD0ECG (DL1ECG, Georg)

Score and details about the WAE SSB 2006 can be found after the contest in the WAE section.