EU-008 Skye

22nd/23rd July 2005: MM0LON/m only

This was a one day visit to Skye Mainland (NH-07). We arrived with the Ferry from xx to yyy around 12 UTC on the 22nd. I imidiately put the Outbacker Perth on my car. Never thought of having so many stations calling in. It was just increadible. Sabine (YL) just smiled at me and started driving around Skye. Sometimes we stopped and we enjoyed the nice view. Actually Sabine enjoyed the view, made some photos, and I continued with the pileup.
Because I never thought that so many stations will call me I made a paperlog.

After being QRV for just 4 hours and 30min in total, I made about 241 QSOs with my Outbacker Perth and TS-480 while Sabine was driving across Skye.


View from Portree



In the evening I had to copy my paperlog back to my notebook. After we left Skye I never used my paperlog again. It was just to much work and I had more time to spend the evening with Sabine ;-)